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In this comprehensive guide, we provide essential information about various urgent medical conditions that require immediate attention. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of these emergencies can be crucial in saving lives.

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Stroke & Physiotherapy


Best Stroke Therapy

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Where There Is Healing… There Is Hope.
Our aim is to provide you stroke and physiotherapy treatment that will help you recover and live a healthy life.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke was ranked as the second leading cause of death and the third leading cause of disability adjusted life years.

Ambulance Clinic

Rapid Response Healthcare: Access Immediate Medical Attention at Our Ambulance Clinic, Ensuring Your Health and Safety are Prioritized.

General Rehabilitation

We treat a wide variety of joint pains involving Neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, upper & mid back, low back, hip, knee ankle & foot.

Pediatrics Rehabilitation

Pediatric rehabilitation focuses on enhancing and restoring the functional ability to children with various impairments or disabilities.

In-House Treatment

Embrace Total Healing within Our Sanctuary: Explore Tailored Recovery through our In-House Treatment Services, Designed to Comfort, and Convenience.

Sports Rehabilitation

We treat conditions or injuries that are related to sports. Sports Physio helps athletes recover from sport injuries.

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Physiotherapy Service

Our premier physiotherapy services offer tailored solutions for your well-being. Our expert therapists employ cutting-edge techniques to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and promote recovery whether you seek rehabilitation, injury prevention, or improved performance.

Stroke Rehabilitation
General Rehabilitation
Pediatrics Rehabilitation
Sports Rehabilitation

Meet Our Team

Embark on a Journey with Our Team of Experts, Fueled by Dedication and Compassion to Enhance Your Well-being and Maximize Vitality.

Jessica Dorothy

Head of Department

Anitha Devi

Senior Physiotherapist

Raja Mud Ikram Hafij

Junior Physiotherapist


Junior Physiotherapist

Eddunabi Md Rash

Junior Physiotherapist

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We provide the medical, physical and emotional support each of our patients need. Nothing makes us more happy than seeing our patients feel relieved and joyful again after the recovery!

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